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We offer the ability to produce

the best design to suit YOUR needs.

Whether you need a relatively simple site to just provide information to one requiring PHP scripts with links to a MySQL database, KLAENE dot NET can do it for you. We also offer graphic design services to produce Web ready art for your site.

Here are links to a couple of sites that are being done by KLAENE dot NET....

For development, we use the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX tool set. This includes Dreamweaver itself for web page programming and Fireworks for graphics. Both the "Flash" and "Freehand" from Macromedia are also available. Additionally, the JASC Paint Shop Pro product is also used.
In our shop there are two development web servers, one running FreeBSD UNIX and the other Linux 9.0. Both have the Apache Web Server installed. Not only does this permit KLAENE dot NET to actually test our designs as they would actually be installed at an ISP, it is possible for you, the client, to view and approve the changes to your site before they are published.
Both of the development web servers have the PHP server side scripting engine and the MySQL database installed. If you ever need to move to a more complex web site or have the need to have access to a database from your site, we are already equipped and ready.
Should you wish to install a web server at your facility, KLAENE dot NET is ready to assist you to both install and maintain your own web server.
Depending upon YOUR needs, hosting can generally be arranged with a reliable national provider for less than $10/month including e-mail account. Our perferred hosting service is "1 and 1.com" with offices in Suburban Philadelphia.
If you already have an account elsewhere or just prefer to use a specific ISP, just let us know. We may even be able to help you in the selection process.
Remember, YOU are the customer and it is our desire to keep YOU happy! This attitude is what separates us from most other Web Site designers.